Tarrago Super White (75 ml)


Revive Your Whites with Tarrago Super White

Refresh and restore your white shoes with Tarrago Super White. This 75 ml whitening cream is perfect for smooth leather, synthetic leather, and canvas, offering high pigment coverage for a brilliant white finish. Its easy-to-use sponge applicator ensures an even application, efficiently covering scratches and stains. Fast-drying and non-staining, it’s ideal for maintaining the crisp, clean look of your white footwear and garments, making Tarrago Super White an essential for any white shoe care routine.

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Tarrago Super White (75 ml)

Powerful Whitening and Restoration

Bring back the brilliance of your white footwear with the Tarrago Super White. This potent 75 ml whitener is expertly designed for restoring and repairing smooth leather, synthetic leather, and canvas shoes or garments. Its high pigment content ensures a striking white finish with just a single application, making it a go-to solution for reviving your white items.

Efficient Application and Coverage

Tarrago Super White stands out with its convenient liquid cream formula and built-in sponge applicator. This design ensures an easy and even application, effectively covering scratches and all types of dirt. It’s perfect for quickly refreshing the look of your white footwear and other items, making them look as good as new.

Quick Drying and Non-Staining

Each use of the Tarrago Super White not only enhances the whiteness of your items but also offers the convenience of fast absorption. Within just 10 minutes of drying, the product sets in without staining, ensuring a clean and refreshed appearance. It’s an essential tool for anyone aiming to maintain the pristine condition and aesthetic appeal of their white leather, synthetic leather, and canvas possessions.

About Tarrago

Tarrago is a renowned name in the world of premium shoe care and leather maintenance. With a rich heritage that spans decades, the brand has established itself as a leader in the industry, offering a wide range of high-quality products designed to preserve and enhance the beauty of leather goods. Tarrago’s commitment to excellence is evident in its dedication to using only the finest ingredients and innovative formulations in its products. This approach has made Tarrago a favorite among professionals and enthusiasts alike, who trust the brand for its effectiveness, reliability, and unmatched quality. Whether it’s for everyday shoe care or specialized leather treatment, Tarrago stands as a symbol of tradition, innovation, and expertise in the leather care market.

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