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Offering quality and durable repairs

The excellence of our workshop, from wherever you are in Canada!

Receive your shoes or boots in brand-new condition, from the comfort of your home with our repair by mail service.

A wide range of services to care for your boots, shoes and all your everyday accessories

From high end designers to your pair of Jordans to your daily beaters these guys can bring back to life your footwear. Highly recommend them 100%!

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Repair or replacement of heels for women's and men's shoes

You love your shoes, but are their heels worn? We can replace or repair all heels, from the thinnest to the widest. Because we choose top quality heels, made in Italy or Germany, you always get a perfect, flawless repair.

Resoleing: shoe, boot, ankle boot for women and men

Your fall boots have slippery soles or your winter boots have lost all traction on snow? We will replace your worn soles with a product adapted to your needs, regardless of the type of boots or shoes. Thanks to our high-performance products, we can carry out long-lasting repairs to satisfy you.

If you wish to protect the leather sole of your Italian shoes, we can double it with a protection. In addition, we install red soles on pumps or thin shoes, in the Louboutin style. You will be delighted by the result.

With the warm season coming, we can even resole your favorite German sandals.


Your coat, bag or shoe needs a new seam or a repair? We know how to do it. Our workshop is equipped with the tools and equipment to replace a Velcro or mend a hole. We have the experience to carry out a discreet and impeccable reconditioning of your accessories.


Our team determines the patching to be done according to the condition of your shoe or boot. A small piece can be applied and glued to repair a small area. In the case of a larger repair, such as a hole above the heel of a boot, we will apply a large piece to cover the entire boot. This will give you the feeling that your boots are as good as new, just like they were on the first day.

Shoe stretch and boot fitting

We know how important comfort is. In order to make your shoes comfortable to wear, our team can stretch them or adjust their size simply by heating them or by using a machine. With this simple and effective process, you will obtain shoes that are better adapted to your feet. We can even adjust the size of your boots to the height of your calves.

Repair and parts replacement

With this service, we repair or replace zippers on your boots, ankle boots or handbags. We also replace the zipper slider on your coat. These small repairs allow you to recondition your beloved accessories.

Cleaning and reconditioning sports shoes

Over our years of experience, we have developed the expertise of thoroughly cleaning and reconditioning fashionable or high-end sports shoes. You will be delighted by the remarkable efficiency and results obtained. To extend the protection of your shoes, we will complete the treatment by applying an anti-stain product.

Service available for a wide range of materials:

  • Wick
  • Fabric
  • Leather
  • Faux leather

Professional polishing

Did you know that regular maintenance helps preserve the softness of the leather and prevents wrinkles or cracks in your accessories? By applying a quality polish, you will extend the life of your accessories. If you have an important business appointment coming up, let us take care of shining your shoes. Our team uses quality products and a professional polishing technique to give you excellent results.

All-season protective treatment

Before the arrival of the cold season, it is important to protect your boots and shoes from the effects of the calcium that covers our sidewalks. Cordonnerie Rockland offers a complete treatment to preserve and waterproof your boots and shoes for the winter. In anticipation of summer, we also offer a treatment adapted to sandals and light footwear. Ask our team for more information.

Bag repair

Whether it is to repair a luxury handbag, a sports bag or a briefcase, entrust us with the repair. We work with all materials, from leather to fabric to vegan material. Dare to entrust us with your bag, even the most precious. We love a challenge and will offer you the best solution!

Leather dyeing

Among our customers, we are known for successfully dyeing shoes and boots. Our high-performance products allow you to change colors efficiently. Moreover, this service is offered with a warranty. Ask our team for more information, you will know all about this service and its possibilities.

Key duplication

Accuracy is essential when you need a key duplicate. Our team will duplicate your key quickly and thoroughly. In just a few minutes, you’ll get all the keys you need.

Repair by mail: from your home to our workshop

Use the excellence of our workshop, wherever you are in Canada! The reputation of our services ensures that our customers remain loyal to our shoemakers from coast to coast. That’s why we offer this exclusive repair service by mail.

Style is a way to say who you are without saying anything at all.

We work with some of the best brands

Visit our new boutique and discover a bright and welcoming space!

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