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Cordonnerie Rockland is a trusted retailer of Icetrax cleats in Canada, renowned for their outstanding grip and stability on icy surfaces.

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About Icetrax Cleats

At Cordonnerie Rockland, we are excited to showcase a specially curated collection of Icetrax cleats, the pinnacle of winter footwear safety and design. Icetrax is dedicated to producing cleats that provide unmatched traction and stability on ice and snow, ensuring your safety in the harshest winter conditions.

The Icetrax Advantage

Icetrax leads the way in winter safety gear, offering an extensive range of cleats for all ages and activities. Renowned for their exceptional quality, innovative design, and durable construction, Icetrax cleats are designed to exceed the expectations of those seeking reliable slip protection. Icetrax’s goal is straightforward: to deliver products that ensure maximum grip, comfort, and confidence on slippery surfaces.

Innovation Meets Safety

Originating from a commitment to prevent winter slips and falls, Icetrax has consistently incorporated advanced technologies and materials into their products. With features like strategic spike placement and specialized rubber compounds, Icetrax cleats provide superior traction on ice and snow, marking a significant advancement in personal safety during the winter months.

Why Choose Icetrax?

Opting for Icetrax cleats means choosing a brand that places a premium on your safety during winter. Their broad selection, from lightweight models for casual walks to heavy-duty options for outdoor professionals, is crafted to the highest standards of quality and safety. Each pair is focused on delivering optimal stability and grip, making Icetrax cleats an essential part of your winter gear.

Our Collection at Cordonnerie Rockland

As a provider of Icetrax, Cordonnerie Rockland offers you the brand’s latest and most reliable cleats. We recognize the critical role of secure footing in winter weather, and by featuring Icetrax’s innovative designs, we ensure our customers can navigate icy conditions with confidence. Whether you’re taking a snowy hike or navigating icy city streets, our Icetrax collection has you equipped.

Visit Us

Experience the ultimate in winter safety with our selection of Icetrax cleats at Cordonnerie Rockland. Explore our assortment to discover the perfect Icetrax products to keep you stable and secure on ice and snow. Our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you in choosing the right cleats for your needs, ensuring you can face winter’s challenges with assurance and safety.

Icetrax Cleats Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Buy Icetrax

You can purchase Icetrax cleats at Cordonnerie Rockland, your go-to destination for winter safety gear. Whether you’re shopping online or prefer to visit us in person, we offer a wide selection of Icetrax cleats designed to keep you safe on ice and snow. Find us at Rockland Center, Montreal, or shop our Icetrax collection online at

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