Tarrago Liquid Instant Shine (75 ml)


Achieve Effortless Shine with Tarrago Liquid Instant Shine

Bring a new lease of life to your leather accessories with Tarrago Liquid Instant Shine. This 75 ml liquid cream, rich in natural waxes like carnauba and beeswax, instantly enhances the look and feel of your smooth and synthetic leather items. Its convenient sponge applicator allows for a quick, effortless application, providing a high-covering, instant shine without the need for brushing.

Perfect for shoes, jackets, bags, and more, it nourishes, protects, and revitalizes leather while maintaining its natural flexibility. Available in over 7 colors and free from silicones, this is a must-have for easy and efficient leather care. Note: Not suitable for suede and nubuck.

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Tarrago Liquid Instant Shine (75 ml)

Revitalize Your Leather Accessories

Introducing the Tarrago Liquid Instant Shine, a superior 75 ml liquid cream that breathes new life into your leather items. Specially formulated with natural waxes like carnauba and beeswax, this product not only provides a brilliant shine but also deeply nourishes, ensuring the natural flexibility of both smooth and synthetic leather is maintained. Ideal for a wide range of leather goods, including shoes, jackets, bags, and accessories, it offers a hassle-free application for a swift and splendid finish.

Enhanced with Natural Waxes for Supreme Care

The unique blend of natural waxes in Tarrago Liquid Instant Shine sets it apart. Carnauba wax, also known as “the queen of waxes,” delivers a long-lasting shine and formidable water protection. Beeswax, on the other hand, softens and preserves the leather, enhancing its durability. This potent combination, consisting of over 40% waxes, ensures your leather items not only look good but are also well-protected.

High-Quality Pigmentation for Color Renewal

One of the standout features of the Tarrago Liquid Instant Shine is its high-quality pigment concentration. This ensures exceptional covering power, effectively renewing the color of your leather goods. With more than 7 different colors available, matching and enhancing the original hue of your items has never been easier.

Instant Shine Without the Effort

Achieving a professional shine is effortless with Tarrago Liquid Instant Shine. Its easy-to-use sponge applicator allows for an even and smooth application, instantly revitalizing your leather items. The beauty of this product lies in its convenience – no brushing or buffing is required post-application, making it perfect for those who seek quick results without compromising on quality.

Please note: This product is not suitable for suede and nubuck materials and contains no silicone content.

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About Tarrago

Tarrago is a renowned name in the world of premium shoe care and leather maintenance. With a rich heritage that spans decades, the brand has established itself as a leader in the industry, offering a wide range of high-quality products designed to preserve and enhance the beauty of leather goods. Tarrago’s commitment to excellence is evident in its dedication to using only the finest ingredients and innovative formulations in its products. This approach has made Tarrago a favorite among professionals and enthusiasts alike, who trust the brand for its effectiveness, reliability, and unmatched quality. Whether it’s for everyday shoe care or specialized leather treatment, Tarrago stands as a symbol of tradition, innovation, and expertise in the leather care market.

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